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Asmaco Asmacryl Acrylic 55 Fire Retardant Sealant 450gms

Asmaco Asmacryl Acrylic 55 Fire Retardant Sealant 450gms

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Product Details :

ASMACRYL-55 is a single component gun-grade sealant based on fire-resistant acrylic emulsions. The sealant is suitably formulated by using special additives and chemicals. Hence, the product is re resistant, easy to apply and seals joints between construction parts subjected to moderate stress. It is ready to use and seals internal and external joints in porous substrates such as concrete, plastics, asbestos, cement, brick work and wood. Asmacryl-55 can be used for sealing all low movement joints and restricts the passage of fire and smoke from room to room and to escape routes. Since the sealant is water-based, it is user friendly and free from chlorine

Features :

  • Easy–to–use one component type.
  • Cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.
  • No surface pre-treatment or primer is required on most of the surfaces.
  • Water-based low VOC sealant.
  • DCL Certificate


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