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Asmaco Granite Marble 1kg

Asmaco Granite Marble 1kg

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Color: Beige


Product Details :

ASMACO GRANITE MARBLE ADHESIVE is a two-component unsaturated polyester resin-based quick drying adhesive system specially formulated for pasting marble and natural stone. Also used for gluing repairing and Filling up porous surfaces of marble, travertine, natural stones, ceramic, brick, and similar materials. Can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Features :

  •  Rapid cure time (4 -6 min. at 25o C).
  • Very low shrinkage during hardening.
  • Easy to apply • Excellent brightness after use of grinding machines. 
  • Superior resistance to wear over a period of time 
  • High reactivity 
  • Chemically inert and offers extended durability 
  • Very good adhesion on natural stones even at higher temperatures
  • Temperature resistance of cured adhesive is between -10o C and +100o C 
  • No color change or shrinkage during the hardening period. 
  • Bonded surfaces are ready to use after 2 hours


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