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Asmaco Rapid Fix Sprayable Rubber Adhesive 13kg

Asmaco Rapid Fix Sprayable Rubber Adhesive 13kg

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Product Details :

SMACO RAPID FIX is a multi-substrate spray adhesive prepared from synthetic rubber and special additives developed for the foam and mattress industries. It has excellent tack, strong spray pattern, and a variable spray width. The spray adhesive is suitable for the permanent bonding of many different combinations of materials. It can be used for single side as well as double side applications.

Features :

Key Performance Properties:

  • Excellent tack & fast drying. 
  • Excellent adhesion on multiple substrates. 
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Single side application .
  • High performance & low VOC. 
  • Suitable for porous and nonporous substrates. 
  • Needs no diluents.


Suitable for bonding foam to Paper, paperboard, rexin, Wood, Multi wood & plywood, Painted, coated surfaces, Metal ,Fabrics, jute, textiles, cushion cotton, Insulating material, glass wool, Flexible foam (poly urethane, Phenolic ), Concrete and Various mattresses 

Also can be used in wood working applications for laminate to plywood  / WPC Board bonding .  

Note : - Not suitable for: PE, PP, PTFE (Teflon®), silicone, EPDM, PVC & ABS.


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