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Asmacoat WP 600

Asmacoat WP 600

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Product Details :

ASMACOAT WP 600 is a single component, Liquid applied, highly resilient water proofing system based on modified Acrylic resin. It cures on exposure to the atmosphere and forms an elastomeric seamless membrane.

Features :

Key Performance Properties:

  • ASMACOAT WP 600 is a single component compound and ready to use from the    container without mixing.
  • No catalysts are necessary as ASMACOAT WP 600 self cures when exposed.
  • Cold applied by spray, brush, roller or squeegee.
  • ASMACOAT WP 600 cuts cost of application by eliminating mixing, splicing sealing tapes, adhesives and other labor consuming methods required when installing other conventional types of waterproofing system.
  • Does not create mess and objectionable odor.
  • Provides a seamless (No joint) waterproofing.
  • ASMACOAT WP 600 is applied in a thixotropic consistency and may be used on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. It will follow the contour of any irregular surfaces maintaining uniform thickness.
  • The superior flexibility and elongation properties of ASMACOAT WP 600 allow expansion and contraction of the substrate without cracking or becoming brittle.
  • Non-inflammable, non-toxic and environmentally safe.


  • Roof decks and walls (either concrete, or cement mortar, wood and metal) 
  • Over Terrazzo tiles/asbestos roof. 
  • Can be applied over spray-applied polyurethane foam and other materials that are   ultra violet degradable. 
  • Under tile areas like bathrooms, toilets, kitchens.



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