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Tub & Tile Ceramic Spray Paint

Tub & Tile Ceramic Spray Paint

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ASMACO Tub & Tile Quick drying acrylic ceramic spray. Used for restoration and coating of bathtubs, washbasin, kitchen sink, heating system radiators, boilers and house hold items.
Can also be used for painting boats, tools, ceramic tiles and earthenware products.
Specification. Provides a smooth glossy waterproof finish. Heat resistance -40 -+170 degree celsius. Resistance to detergent
Tack free time 5 -10 minutes, hard drying after 24 hours
Use to refinish porcelain ceramic surface like tub, tile, shower, vanities, sink. Also work on fiberglass, stone, plastic. Perfect for renters, apartment dwellers, and residential or commercial tubs, sinks, showers.



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